Party building

Party building


Tianzhu union introduction


Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. established a trade union organization in March 2009 under the vigorous promotion of Meng Lanzhi, the former chairman of Tianzhu Group, and with the strong support and help of the leaders of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. There are currently 8 secondary units Trade unions, employee membership rate reached 100%. Under the leadership of the general party branch of the group, the trade union fully implements the scientific outlook on development, actively carries out enterprise activities to create harmonious labor relations, and has won the title of star unit of Tangshan City Workers' Congress, advanced unit of mass studios of enterprises and institutions, and model worker's home , 2022 Provincial and Municipal Key Construction Project Labor Competition Excellent Enterprise, Hebei Province Worker Pioneer and other honorary titles.

  In the face of the new situation and new tasks, the group trade union will find the entry point of difficult work, select the focus of the work, focus on the center, keep pace with the times, work solidly, and seek practical results, in order to achieve sustainable, stable, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise Make new contributions to development and create new achievements!

Chairman of the trade union: Zhang Lianshan

Vice Chairman of the Labor Union: Zhang Zhihui

Trade union committee members: Zhang Lianshan, Zhang Zhihui, Bai Limin, Li Xiaoming, Li Zuohua, Wang Ernian, Cao Dongpeng, Zheng Yuhua, Fang Fang

Fund review committee members: Zhao Lina, Zhou Xiaoming, Zhang Lihuan, Wang Yingjie, Xu Xiaochao