geographic location
Company location advantage
      The company is located in Haigang Economic Development Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. It is located in the core area of ??Bohai Bay and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area. It is in the cross radiation area of ??the four central cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Tang and Qin, echoing the Liaodong Peninsula and Shandong Peninsula.
      The Tanggang Railway and Qiancao Railway in the area run through the north and south, and connect with the Jingshan Line and the Jingqin Line of the National Railway. Crossing the whole area, the company is only 3 kilometers away from the entrance and exit of Tanggang Expressway; there is Tangshan Port inside, adjacent to Qinhuangdao Port and Caofeidian Port, and a straight-line distance of 4.5 kilometers from the ore terminal of Tangshan Port, which can realize land, port, and rail combined transportation; a coking plant is built around it , Stockpiling wharf, raw materials and fuels can directly enter the factory and warehouse through the closed belt pipe gallery, and the logistics cost advantage is obvious.