Notice to Visitors

Travel safety tips

In order to increase tourists' safety awareness, popularize basic knowledge of tourism safety, and ensure that tourists' plans to participate in activities can be completed successfully, happily, and smoothly. Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Industry Smart Park has issued tourism safety tips, please read them carefully and strictly comply with them.

1. Safety precautions for sightseeing

Tourists should pay attention to preventing accidents and sudden illnesses when sightseeing.

1. Listen to local instructors for safety tips and advice.

2. Passing through dangerous places cannot be forced and there is a mentality of luck.

3. During participation in activities, attention should be paid to appropriate rest, avoiding excessive and intense exercise, and taking preventive measures.

4. When participating in sightseeing activities, pay attention to safety and do not go to dangerous areas alone.

5. During the tour, tourists should not walk alone. If they lose their way, they should wait in place for the arrival of the interpreter. During free activities, tourists should not walk too far. Tourists with children, please take care of your own children, do not let them move alone, and pay attention to safety.

2. Dietary hygiene and safety precautions

During tourism, tourists should pay great attention to dietary hygiene to avoid poisoning and gastrointestinal diseases.

1. Pay attention to the quality of the products when purchasing food during tourism, and do not purchase "three no" (without manufacturer, production date, and manufacturer address) products. If the food is found to be unsanitary or has a bad odor, do not consume it.

2. When traveling, you should bring mineral water and dry food with you to prepare for unexpected needs. Please do not drink raw water.

3. Do not accept and consume cigarettes, food, and drinks from strangers to prevent others from plotting.

4. During tourism, it is important to have a reasonable diet and avoid overeating and overeating.

5. To prevent discomfort during travel, tourists should bring some commonly used medicines to prepare for unexpected needs. Do not take medication provided by others without permission.

6. Tourists who enjoy drinking control their alcohol consumption during their travels. When drinking alcohol, it is best not to exceed one-third of the person's alcohol consumption. In the event of alcohol abuse, disturbance of social order, infringement of others, or damage to third-party property, all responsibilities shall be borne by the perpetrator.

3. Safety Precautions for Riding

Tourists should mainly prevent accidents during their travels and rides. The following situations need to be noted:

1. Tourists can only get off after the vehicle has stopped steadily. Get on and off in order, pay attention to civilization and politeness, prioritize taking care of the elderly, children, and women, and avoid overcrowding to avoid accidents.

2. Tourists are advised not to chat with the driver or urge them to drive fast, exceed the speed limit, or overtake during the ride. Tourists should not extend their heads, hands, or feet out of the window to prevent accidents.

3. When tourists disembark for sightseeing, dining, or shopping, please pay attention to closing the tourist window and taking all your valuables with you. The park will not be responsible for any loss caused by personal reasons.

4. Do not throw waste or miscellaneous items (especially hard objects) outside the car window to avoid harming others.

4. Entertainment safety precautions

Tourists should pay attention to preventing fraud, theft, and robbery accidents when shopping and entertainment.