Tourist safety

1、 Opening hours of the park: 9:00 am to 16:00 am from Monday to Sunday (temporary notice in case of special circumstances)

2、 Reception target: groups with advance reservations (more than 10 people)

3、 Tour route and itinerary: Tourists can take a bus to Tianzhu Iron and Steel Industrial Park in Hebei Province, present their appointment information and ID card, go to the tourist reception center to complete the visit procedures, receive safety education, distribute safety helmets, and take the park's sightseeing bus for sightseeing.

4、 Explanation service: Each car attendant provides high-quality explanations for tourists.

5、 Safety warning: As a production unit, we have strict production and operation plans. Visitors should respect the normal production planning order of the enterprise, comply with the safety regulations of the park, and not enter unopened areas. Do not crowd, make noise, or throw water bottles or garbage into the production line.

6、 Welcome to provide your opinions and suggestions on the park

Park consultation hotline: 0315-5815111

Complaint hotline of the park: 0315-5815222

Park rescue hotline: 0315-5815119